Are you a Lightworker?

Do you know the value of what you as a Lightworker give?

What we offer:

  • $50 per month - FREE 7 DAY TRIAL

  • Live Zoom call every week starting Nov 17th 2021, Wednesday's at 1 pm US ET/ 19:00 CET

  • Access to new videos specifically created for Lightworkers (you get to pick topics)

  • Community of fellow Lightworkers supporting your journey

  • Bring your experiences/challenges to the calls + give and receive support

  • Your questions will be answered in videos, on Live calls, or in online discussions in a private community

Course curriculum

(will change according to what we experience as a collective at any given time)

  • 1

    Lightworker Support

    • Believing in yourself - Lightworker doubt

    • The value of your work

    • Eclipse energies Nov 17: Recording from Group call

    • Loneliness of Leading & feelings of isolation

    • Fear of being seen vs feeling invisible

    • Imposter syndrome - Perception of self as a Leader

    • Setting boundaries with clients - Empaths and co-dependency

    • Fear & Separation in the Collective

    • Communication and Authenticity in connection