Why is it so difficult to get the body you want?

You need to establish a You/Body Connection.

Watch this video from the course:

Body Connection Course:

  • Do the course in your own time!

  • Total of 17 channeled videos!

  • Channeled messages in writing + questions for each chapter to help you see your own limitations AND your potential!

  • Understand the principles of how to manifest what you want, in all areas of life!

  • This course will help you change your relationship with your body, life in general, and your relationship with yourself!

  • Get a deeper understanding of how you interact with life!

  • You have access to the course content for 11 months after the course ends!

  • Get a private channeling call with Astrid for 50% off (=USD 100)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. The cause of disconnection

    • Introduction

    • Why you are disconnected from your body & how to heal it

    • SPOTLIGHT: Your body does not define you, but...

  • 2

    2. Giving yourself what you crave

    • The cause of your eating pattern and how to change it

    • SPOTLIGHT: Feeling shame for your needs

    • The balance of giving and receiving

  • 3

    3. Control through food

    • Feeling like you are not in control - do you want to be?

    • SPOTLIGHT: How to anchor yourself into your body

    • Undereating and starving yourself

  • 4

    4. Connecting to your Authentic Self

    • From disconnect to connection

    • SPOTLIGHT: Your Authentic Self

    • Change your perspective and open up to your super powers

  • 5

    5. Nourish the Soul

    • How to truly be satisfied, opening up to new energy

    • SPOTLIGHT: Making the change to nourish yourself

    • Self sabotage to protect yourself

  • 6

    6. The body connection reward

    • Discovering yourself through movement

    • SPOTLIGHY: Sensuality

    • The reward for anchoring into your body